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4 Ab Exercises Guaranteed To Shred Your Mid-Section

Time To Show Those Abs!

Want that head-turning and jaw dropping, carved core? Are you tired of looking at yourself in the mirror that seemingly projects a figure of regret and frustration by the mere fact that you are not seeing any muscular results in your mid section? If yes, then now is the time change that!

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When it comes to aesthetics, nothing quite tops the look of those lean, sexy abs that everyone in the gym seems to be working so hard for. If this is a goal for you, you definitely do have your work cut out for you because it isn’t an easy one to obtain.

It is going to take a high dose of hard work, a very strict diet plan, and some lifestyle adjustments to make sure that you maintain fat burning all day long.

The workout you’re doing matters significantly as well. Choose the wrong exercises and you’ll just be wasting your time in the gym, rather than making the progress you want to see.

So what can you do to boost your ab definition? Let’s look at four great ab exercises to consider as you go about your plan.



1. Plank With Hands On An Exercise Ball

The plank move is an excellent isometric contraction exercise that is going to not only strengthen the main ab muscles, but also strengthen all the muscles running up and down the spinal column as well as the muscles throughout the shoulder region.

To up the intensity of the standard plank, put the hands directly on top of an exercise ball. Then watch how quickly your muscles are reacting.



2. Prone Ball Roll In

Next, you should also consider a prone ball roll-in. This movement has you in an entirely different position than the classic crunch so will add great variety into your workout routine.

You’ll also hit the shoulders quite readily in this exercise while working on your balance and agility as well.

If you want to hit the obliques to a larger degree, simply bring the ball into the side of the body instead of directly into the chest and you’ll get those muscles sitting up and being stimulated.



3. Renegade Rows

Renegade rows are the next best core move to include in your workout routine and as an added benefit, you’ll also build your back with this one.

Because of the fact you’re moving while in the plank position, this will decrease your base of support, upping the ante on this movement pattern.

When doing this one, just make sure that you are keeping the abs contracted at all times. As it is quite challenging, some people will make the mistake of letting their lower back move down or upwards, putting them at serious risk of low back pain.

Keep the body tight the entire time.


4. Hanging Leg Raises

Finally, don’t neglect hanging leg raises. This one is perfect for those who want to firm up their lower abs and also really bring out that ab separation. As you perform it, try to avoid letting momentum carry you through the exercise, squeezing just the core muscles alone to complete the movement pattern.

These can be done with straight legs, or if you need a simpler version to start, with bent knees.

Try these four exercises next time you’re in the gym and prepare to be challenged.


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