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The first step involves a commitment to a strength training program, whether it's at home of a gym. You can start with squats and lunges and work on your hamstrings and build up to high resistance levels. Cardio is also important, so get a plan in place and stick to it.

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Ensure that you drink lots of water before and after workouts as this is very important to the muscle building process. Drink water in addition to the recommended 8 - 10 recommended glasses per day. Also eat a balanced diet and get lots of protein to build muscle mass.


Taking the right supplements and nutrients is important to build muscle mass. It is ideal to use natural ingredients to improve your focus and stamina. Increasing teststerone is also important to build muscle and reduce fat, so choose the right supplements.

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creating a muscle build plan

Our muscle building plan is strategic plan to build muscle mass and it works like a dream.

Firstly you need to decide how much time you have to dedicate to training. Many successful muscle building masters have recommended training four times per week.

Next you have to decide which parts of your body you are going to train and when, is it your back, chest, legs or shoulders that you want to bulk up.

Next thing you want to look at it what exercises you will be following and look at the volume for each exercise.

The next step is to include rest periods and commit to the plan no matter what. Give yourself a target weight and measure the build of your muscle mass.

Finally, and by no means least, look at the food you are eating. You will need a balanced diet that will include good sources of protein, lots of vegetables, fruits and and healthy fats. Once this is in place, create a food plan and also stick with the plan.

This plan works, so stick with it and don't give up as the benfits in terms of health and how you will feel about yourself are numerous.

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There are so many muscle supplements on the market for men that it is hard to choose the right one. We have analysed the top 5 supplements to supercharge your plan to build muscle.

Max Gains - Muscle Building Supplements - Max Gains is a cutting edge range of natural anabolic alternatives designed specifically to support elite athletes with their fitness goals. The Max Gains core product range caters for a variety of fitness goals including bulking, cutting, and increasing strength.

Vital Alpha Testo Muscle Enhancement - As men get older, testosterone levels begin to drop. In fact, after age 30, your testosterone levels drop by 2-4% per year. Vital Alpha Testo is a muscle enhancement that increases your testosterone levels to aid your muscle building process.

Barbarian XL - Barbarian XL is a testosterone booster made with the highest quality raw ingredients designed to help support your body’s natural de-toxification process, increasing your sexual drive and energy.

Nitro Strength - an excellent aid to give you an edge.  It is a secret weapon, that will help you push harder and maximize your potential.

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